Wide open space in a beautiful green environment, close to life in the city and nearby regions


Kreuzberg Kiez

As the name suggests, the Zweibrücken district of Kreuzberg Kaserne is the site of a former barracks in this beautiful city renowned for its rose gardens. Located in the southwest of Rhineland-Palatinate near the German-French border, it thus combines the joie de vivre of Saarland and Palatinate with the cosmopolitan flair of France.


Music and culture play a prominent role in this city renowned for its roses and horses. From the annual street theater spectacle in May or the Euroclassic Festival in September right through to the music tour pub festival, you will find all sorts of events taking place here!


Zweibrücken has a ducal past, which can be witnessed in the City Museum and the Bibliotheca Bipontina, among other places. Here, works of art from the baroque period are showcased, for example. The churches, such as the late Gothic Alexander Church, also exhibit paintings by local artists.

Great restaurants

Kreuzberg Kiez and surroundings boasts a wide variety of restaurants. From traditional country houses to gourmet Asian restaurants – you are spoilt for choice.


In Zweibrücken, leisure time is synonymous with sport. Whether its trend sports such as climbing, playing golf or Nordic walking, or bathing, cycling and hiking trips or camping adventures – there is something for everyone.

Central location

Renowned for its roses and horses, the city of Zweibrücken is a delightful place to live with a history that goes back more than 650 years. Surrounded by countryside and with a green lung in the heart of the city, this is somewhere the whole family will feel at home. In addition, you will find the largest factory outlet center in the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as a beautiful city center with baroque Fasanerie gardens and a wild rose garden, and also Europe’s Rosengarten, one of the largest gardens in Europe with more than 60,000 roses and 2,000 different varieties.

University of Applied Sciences

Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences has a major branch in Zweibrücken. With degree courses in business administration, computer science and microsystems technology, the university offers a modern and competitive range of courses with plans to further expand in the future.

Excellent opportunities available.

The Kreuzberg district of Zweibrücken is situated right next to the university and also is a popular business location. For example, there is a business incubator here where student start-up companies are also offered excellent opportunities.

City life

The Kreuzberg Kaserne district is also becoming increasingly popular as an urban residential area. With a direct connection to the university, as well as being central and peaceful, this a place where you can enjoy city life without compromising on rest and recreation.

Zweibrücken has a direct connection to the A8 highway to Brussels/ Munich and, via the highway junction Neunkirchen, also to the A6 highway to Mannheim/ Paris. It also has a train station.